debora black

words change everything

Bermuda, Montana, Oklahoma (Father in Thailand)

Life was an adventure.  My parents knew this.  (Montana)

A Little Bit About Me  We were an Air Force family and moved about every three years.  I feel fortunate that I have lived all over the United States and in Europe.  This life style was the best of my education.  It was about landscape and language.  It was about art and architecture.  And food and wine.  There was a lot of sharing of campsite beverages ice cold from the cooler, often with people whose language we didn't speak.  The entire experience was about people and learning about how they lived and what they believed.  I tasted it all.  Difficult things too.  Like missile silos and concentration camps and bullfights.  And most especially my mother's face, each time, as she watched soldiers disembark from the aircraft after a tour of duty in Vietnam and waited for my father to appear.  Her tears at the sight of him.  The way they embraced.

With all of the location changes, I was signed in and out of a lot of schools.  I discovered they were all different and all the same.  Abundantly thrilling, since I made friends easily.  As far as my higher education was concerned, I selected schools more for practicality and cost than anything else.  My father had been stationed stateside again and had recently retired at my mother's firm request.  We were living in Ohio.  I attended The Ohio State University for my undergraduate degree in education and later, after hopscotching through an interesting course of unrelated career fields, Antioch of Yellow Springs for my graduate work in creative writing.

By the time I entered Antioch's distance program I was in a serious mood for change.  It all boiled down to this.  I had been in one place for far too long.  I loaded up a U-Haul truck, strapped my car to the trailer behind, turned off of Kenworth Road to Northwest Broadway and headed-out for I-70.  I followed the late day suns all the way to Steamboat Springs, Colorado where I had a new condo.  And once more life began, reinvented.